Ógras Activities during Covid-19

Even though we're staying home and adhering to Government guidelines regarding Covid-19, nothing can stop Ógras having the craic as Gaeilge! We've still been getting up to all sorts to stay active in Irish at home, and you can be part of it! Check out the below activities, events, clubs and projects that we've been keeping busy with while practicing social distancing, washing our hands regularly and giving thanks to the frontline workers working hard for the good of the country - thank you friends! Ní neart go cur le chéile.


We've all had many uncertain moments in the last few months, and we were very sad to have to close our clubs as they were and cancel our summer camps as they had been planned (for everyone's health and safety of course). After that, we held  some Ógras and Óg-Ógras clubs online where we had fun with Table Quizzes, Pictionary, Charades and general catchups among other activities, and they went excellently and we will be keeping those up throughout the Summer months for our members who want to keep in touch with each other and with us - if you would like to join us for a Zoom Club, get in touch with your local Development Officer. 

BIG NEWS ALSO - we got on so well with the Zoom Clubs that we agreed that we would like to do something similar - or something, anyway - for Ógras Summer Camps! We had to get creative to make sure that our services are still available for you, and we are delighted to announce that we have been able to adapt our usual extremely popular Summer Camp schedule to suit an online format!  Our Summer Camps go very well and the young people who attend enjoy themselves immensely, so we are delighted that that we don't have to disappoint our regulars and new members looking for fun activities through Irish this Summer, even during the lockdown. Check out our Summer Camp page here to find all the information and to register for Ógras Online Summer Camps 2020.

Lovely video by Ráth Ó gCormac

Something lovely and uplifting here from Ógras Ráth Ó gCormaic, who worked super hard to complete this project! This video celebrates the local area and frontline workers with wonderful pictures of them, and has two messages:
1. "The members of Ógras Ráth Ó gCormac are extremely grateful for the amazing work being done by the doctors, nurses, carers and everyone on the frontlines, well done. Stay home."
2. "In the shelter of each other the people live". Wash your hands, stay at home and practice social distancing. "There’s no strength without unity"'

Science Experiments from National University of Ireland Galway

At the start of 2020, four science students from National University of Ireland Galway spent five weeks working on science experiments with members of Óg-Ógras Tuairíní. They undertook four experiments and took the opportunity  to hold one of these experiments in a laboratory in the University. 

Now, thanks to Club Óg-Ógras Tuairíní and those science students at National University of Ireland Galway, we are sharing some of these experiments with our members all over the country, so that they might give them a go at home!

Check out the experiments below, try them out and send us your pictures/videos on Social Media or in an email.

Experiment: Making a Lava Lamp



  • A Plastic Bottle 

  • Vegetable Oil 

  • Water 

  • Food Colouring 

  • Salt or an alka seltzer tablet 


  1. Make sure the bottle is clean. 

  2. Half fill the bottle with vegetable oil.

  3. Put water in the bottle until it is ¾ full and add 10 drops of food colouring.

  4. If you are using salt sprinkle it on for 5 seconds; if you are using an alka seltzer tablet, break it into pieces and add it in.

  5. Put the lid on the bottle, shake it for 1-2 minutes and you will start to see the lava bubbles.

  6. You can shine a light (torch) under your water bottle to see the lava better.

  7. Share your lava lamps with us on social media! We're on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Experiment: Making a Lava Lamp



  • A Large Plastic Bottle (1.5L or 2L)

  • 2 Tablespoons of Vinegar

  • 1 Tablespoon of Baking Powder

  • A Piece of Paper to Roll

  • An adult is needed to help with this experiment!


  1. Put the vinegar into the plastic bottle. 

  2. Put the baking powder into the balloon, carefully, using a rolled up piece of paper to work like a funnel.

  3. Shake the balloon so that the baking powder falls to the bottom of the

  4. Carefully place the balloon on the neck of the bottle

  5. Lift the balloon carefully, watch the baking powder fall into the

  6. Watch your balloon inflate!

  7. Share your experiment with us on social media! We're on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

A lovely picture of Club Óg-Ógras Tuairíní with their Science certificates after 5 weeks of training! :) 

Ongoing Challenges on Ógras Social Media 

Ógras has kept busy posting and working to support and encourage the Irish Language during lockdown, and as well as many other activities we ran many challenges on social media, especially at the start (eg. art challenges thanking our frontline workers, and the 'Nigh do Lámha' campaign below, a video challenge for Mother's Day and a learning and writing Ogham challenge). We and our members enjoyed doing these challenges so much, that we decided to keep up the tradition! So, every month Ógras will post a challenge on our social media, to keep involved with our members and actively encourage their use of Irish as well as to have a bit of craic. Here are some examples of the kinds of challenges we have in mind: video for Father's Day, a cooking at home challenge, a letter challenge writing to yourself 3 months ago... and we are fully open to suggestions and thoughts from you!

Let us know what you would like us to roll out as a Challenge Campaign, and keep an eye on us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to keep up to date on what challenges we are running (did we say 'challenge' enough times for you?!) 

Wash Your Hands Art Campaign

Ógras organised an art campaign at the start of April where we challenged our members to make some art encouraging people to wash their hands regularly - we got lots of wonderful pictures and a video looking to inspire conscientious hygiene and we shared them all on our social media pages (Facebook and Instagram). Here are some of the pieces we received:

Name Nature Challenge

Ógras loves nature, so we arranged a challenge where Óg-Ógras members ventured out in the great outdoors to record the flowers, trees and vegetation in their areas. They got great translation experience and plenty of exercise! They sent their pictures and videos in to us and we proudly posted them on our Social Media Pages (Facebook and Instagram) as a wonderful way to stay engaged with nature and with Irish for our members and their parents. Keep them coming!


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