Insurance - What kind?

Club activities must be covered by insurance. Often community halls etc, have insurance that the club can be covered under. However, if the club is not covered under such a scheme, Ógras provide insurance for our clubs.


Public Liability.

This covers the building and any accidents that may happen in it, i.e. People injured as a result of reasonable use of club facilities. The building and local committees are covered by the insurance but we usually recommend that the club take out their own policy to insure they have full coverage. This will safeguard the owners, the committee and the managing committee of the hall in the event of an accident.


Members Cover.

This covers members while they are engaged in activities with each other under the 'reasonable direction' of the club. This cover comes into effect especially when activities like basketball and other sports are being played. This policy covers all members against accidents playing sports, for example when fouled by another member of the club. It is essential that reasonable care be taken by the club, especially by leaders to ensure that this policy will be in effect.

Events covered

With this insurance, ordinary activities of a youth club are covered.

In addition to this, Summer Camps for children between the ages of 6-16, international youth exchanges, collections - walks, table quizzes, concerts etc. As well as Céilís or discos - Ógras will need to be informed beforehand.

Events not covered

Aqualung Diving

Flying (except as a fare-paying passenger)




Hunting on Horseback


Show jumping

Steeple Chasing

Racing – Driving, Sailing or Riding

Riding Motor Cycles or Motor Scooters as a driver or passenger

Winter Sports, other can curling or ice-skating

Football other than amateur association football



This is a sample list. If you are unsure of where you stand in relation to any planned event, contact Ógras staff to discuss it beforehand.

Amateur Rugby

Amateur Gaelic

Amateur Hurling

Mountaineering (Hill walking is covered once it’s on designated routes/trails)

Cliff or Rock-climbing


Gully Bashing


Elastic Rope Sports or Activities

Any pursuit or activity involving personal danger or hazard

Playing in any sport professionally

Service in the armed forces

Maintaining a record

If there is an accident, a record must be kept.


1. What happened?

2. Who was there?

3. When and where did it happen?

4. The statements given by those present.

5. Injury or damage to anyone or club equipment.

6. Suggestions to resolve the case.

7. In the case of an accident involving a member, parents must be informed as soon as possible.


€20 is the price of insurance for members per year.

Members will be covered from 1st of September 2014 to 31st August 2015.


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