Ógras have put together a program of events to give our members and leaders a chance to meet up with other young people in a social setting. Our program helps to develop self confidence in young people, it inspires participation and gives an opportunity to take part in events that are educational and fun, that promote working together and respect among peers.

These events are beneficial to young people because:


  • They encourage members to participate in activities.

  • Opportunities to make new friends.

  • Opportunities to travel to new areas.



Year Program:

  • Opportunities to take part in physical activities.

  • Development of the young person's identity.

  • They encourage a sense of belonging  

Óg-Ógras End of Year Trip

We're heading to Carlingford!


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Ógras Trip to Birr

11 years+


Ógras is organising a trip to Birr Outdoor Education Centre and Ógras members aged 11-17 are welcome! The price for the trip is €30 (leaders go free) and this covers travel, lunch and the full day's activities 10am-5pm. If your Ógras club would like to come on this trip, contact Danielle to arrange a bus for the club.  

Trip to Birr 28 Aibreán 2018 – Birr Education & Training Centre:

9.30/10.00rn            - Meet & Greet - Registration

10.00r.n – 1i.n         - Activity 1 (Archery, Caving Maze, Night Line, Indoor Rock Wall, Fuzz Ball)

1.00-1.45i.n             - Lunch (available at the centre) 

2-5i.n                       - Activity 2 (Canoeing, Kayaking, Gorge Walking, Abseiling & Rock Climbing)

5.15i.n                     - Depart for home


The parental permission forms are available from your group leaders or at this link. Please fill out the form and return to Ógras before 23 March 2018. 

BEO; Gaelach agus Bródúil: Parade

Bliain na Gaeilge Event


BEO was set to take place on the 3rd of March but had to be postponed until the 14th of April because of the 'Beast from the East'. We, at Ógras, only see the silver lining as it gives us more time to prepare our colorful, creative banner for the parade! Ógras/Bliain na Gaeilge have facilitated banner-making kits to the clubs, and everyone is welcome to make a banner for us to display at the parade - even if the club can't attend the event. If you would like a banner-making kit and haven't received one, get in touch. We can also help with arranging buses for clubs, so contact your local Development Officer to organise a bus for your local clubs.

Na Gaeil will come together to celebrate the Irish language and to express their pride in it.

This will be a historical event, with over 4,000, young and old expected to attend this celebration on the streets of Dublin. It gives us the opportunity to come together to celebrate our native tongue, as well as the opportunity to recognise the liveliness, community, heritage, culture, and the future of the language. 

The parade will go from the north of the city to the south, where there will be a stage where music, speeches and entertainment will take place.There will be schools, Irish language and Gaeltacht groups, sports clubs, third level societies, community groups and families taking part. To get the latest info on BEO, make sure to keep an eye on Bliain na Gaeilge social media pages, where the information will be spread as it is received.

Óg-Ógras Day Trips

December 2017, Nationwide

Every year around Christmas, Óg-Ógras clubs from all over the country get to go on a day trip. The young people take part in various activities with other Ógras members of clubs of a similar age, through Irish. More information on Óg-Ógras days by clicking 'More Info' below.

Óg-Ógras Day Trip Dates:

Leinster - 3/12/17 - Roll n' Bowl, Portlaoise 

Connacht - 15/12/17 - An Taibhdhearc, Galway 

Kerry, Munster - 16/12/17 - Killarney on Ice 

Rathgormuck, Munster - 28/12/17 - Everyman Theatre, Cork

Scléip na hÓige



Scléip na hÓige will take place in Killarney this year, and young people from Ógras clubs countrywide will be there to take part in the excitement with sports, art, dancing, music, table quizzes, games, competitions, workshops, a céilí, the Oireachtais Festival and much more. Scléip na hÓige is a brilliant opportunity, and anyone registered with Ógras can come along for the low price of €85 — twhich covers travel, accommodation, meals in Killarney, all activities & workshops.

For more information on Scléip na hÓige click 'More Info' below. 

First Aid Course

Clare and Limerick


This is a short course to inform leaders about the various aspects of first aid and health most important to youth work. There will be a course in Clare and Limerick for leaders who have not attended a course before, or those looking to take a 'refresher course'. 

For more information on child protection click 'More Info' below. 

Leadership Course in Rathgormack


Every Ógras Leader must complete a Leadership Course to work with Ógras. This is a short course to inform leaders on the most important aspects of working with a youth club. There will be a course in Rathgormack in October, for Munster leaders who haven't completed a Leadership Course yet, or are looking to get a 'refresher' in their knowledge. 

For more information on Ógras's training courses click 'More Info' below.

Meeting with TDs



Ógras Munster's representatives will meet with local TDs to discuss local youth work, the Irish language and Ógras's work. 

2-day Techspace Courses

Cork and Tralee

Ógras leaders in Cork and Tralee will have the opportunity to participate in a 2-day Techspace Course, to learn how to take pictures, how to record video and audio, how to edit images, audio and video, how to compose and tell a story through various media, and more - and how to pass all this knowledge on to young people! Munster dates for Courses below: 

Techspace Courses:

20 & 21 September - Cork

27 & 28 September - Tralee

Clubs startup and registration

September-November 2017, Nationwide

This is the time that clubs should be starting up for the year 2017-2018 and registering with Ógras. The best way to do this is to have a registration night at the club where club leaders, parents and young people can meet, get to know one another and Ógras's work, arrange payment and fill out registration forms. Plenty of information on setting up a club can be found by clicking the 'More Info' button below. 

Sports Day for Ógras Ulster


There will be a Sports Day for Ógras Ulster members in St Oliver Plunkett Youth Club, Crosmaglen, Armagh on Saturday 29th April.

Games and races will take place from 10.30-12.30, before lunch. After lunch there will be a little Talent Show before finishing up with an award ceremony to give out medals and certificates. 

Summer Camps

July 2017, Countrywide

Ógras holds Irish Language Day Camps all over the country in July each year. This year, we have an array of camps in Leinster and Munster, on various dates. Our camps are always a great success and all of our members thoroughly enjoy themselves. For more information, and this year's Ógras Summer Camp dates, click 'More Info' below.

Ógras Theatre club ÁrDán's production of Pinocchio at the Taibhdhearc!

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Ógras Theatre club ÁrDán brings to you their production of Pinocchio, onstage at the Taibhdhearc on Thursday April 13th at 7pm

This is a drama based on the drama Tromluí Phinnochio, produced by Moonfish in 2012, adapted under the direction of Ionia Ní Chróinín of ÁrDán - Amharclann Óige Ógras. This is a dark version of the original story written by Collodi, with the emphasis on Pinocchio's coming-of-age. A cast of 17 young people bring this energetic, imaginative drama alive for their audience.

For more information contact Elaine: or phone 087-0623010.

Cluichí Tailteann

July 2017, Countrywide

Every year members of Ógras (teenagers) go away on a trip to take part in Ógras's Cluichí Tailteann! This is a weekend full of events, fun and games, including sports competitions, Battle of the Bands, traditional and contemporary dance competitions and more! For more information on Cluichí Tailteann Ógras, click 'More Info' below.

Seachtain na Gaeilge 2017

1-17 March 2017, Countrywide

Seachtain na Gaeilge 2017 will run from March 1st-17th. There will be events, competitions, trips and other such shenanigans happening all over the country and of course ógras will be taking part in the celebrations. Clubs will be doing various things to get into the spirit and promote an Gaeilge.  For more information on Seachtain na Gaeilge, click 'More Info' below.

Talent Show - Seó Ardáin

March 2017, Countrywide

Ógras runs a talent show for clubs every year during 'Seachtain na Gaeilge', where our Óg-Ógras clubs from each province put together a play/show and perform it for the other clubs and for their friends and families! This year's Seó Ardáin will take place in March. For more information on Seó Ardáin Ógras, click 'More Info' below.


04/03/2017 - Connaught Seó Ardán - Seanscoil Shailearna

10/03/2017 - Munster Seó Ardán - KDYS Tralee

25/03/2017 - Leinster Seó Ardán - Scoil Uí Dhálaigh

26/03/2017 - Ulster Seó Ardán - Ionad le teacht

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