Training Courses

Various courses are organised for leaders in the organisation every year. This training improves the voluntary leaders ability to deal with members in a professional way that helps to support the young person.


The training courses provided are:


     -'Starting out' course


     -Child Protection Course

     -Basic leadership Course

Starting Out.

This is a training program for leaders to help them to develop an understanding of the practices involved in youth work and to enable them to implement them in their own club. This course is held over a period of several weeks - four 3 hour sessions are usually needed.


Further information on setting up a club.

Anti-Bullying training session.

This is a workshop that sets out an outline of bullying, how a leader can recognise that it is happening and how to deal with it in the youth club. This is a three hour session that can be provided in the club for leaders and members.






















Child Protection Course.

This is a training program that is directed at those working in the youth sector. Having completed this course, the participants should have a better understanding of the following items:

• The link between child protection and youth work.
• The wider context of this work.
• Investigate the various viewpoints that exist in relation to this question
• Understand the definitions we have in relation to child abuse
• Understanding of the way youth workers can gain information on / have concerns about abuse
• The
characteristics that qualify a person as being suitable or unsuitable for working with young people
• The procedures that are in place for disclosing information/worries about child abuse.
• Procedures for reporting
• The correct use of the main elements of our code of behaviour

This is a four hour course with a 20 minute break after the first session.


More Information on Child Protection.

Basic Leadership Course.

This is a short course to give leaders a greater understanding of the most important aspects of working with a youth club. The course covers the following items and generally takes four hours:

1. Description of Ógras & Youth Work
2. Role of the Leader
3. Planning of the club program
4. Insurance & Safety
5. Administration & Best Practice.










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